Brim&Bow Summer Hat ™️

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Brim&Bow Summer Hat ™️

Keep your skin healthy and protected this summer!

From a long time ago, The brim Hat is one of the most popular types of hats for the summer. It is well-loved for several reasons. The cotton Polyester material is often light weight and breathable. Also, it is capable of blocking the harsh sun rays pretty effectively. And who doesn’t love an elegant and beautiful hat that can enhance your style a great deal?

✅  Brim&Bow Summer Hat ™️ Hat Women’s Sun Hat  Ultra-Lightweight, breathable,
Packable, Modern Style, Designed in the USA.

✅ Keeps you off the sun during beach vacation, cruise, travel or hiking, gardening,

and boating 


  • Light and breathable, perfect for summer!
  • One size fits all (or most) - 57 cm diameter
  • Perfect when used together with sunscreen to prevent photo-aging and skin damage.