Electric Clothes Drying Rack ™

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Your clothes and shoes can now be quickly dried at home or while traveling with our Electric Clothes Drying ™.

This gadget has a lot of fun and practical features that will surely make it a worthy addition to your homes!

✅  Main Features of the portable clothes dryer

✔️ Quick-drying, hot and cold switching does not hurt clothes

✔️ Boots into hot air mode automatically, with 50 ° ~ 60 ° warm wind quick drying clothes

✔️ PTC ceramic heating, high heat efficiency with more energy-saving.

✔️ Innovative airway patents, quick-drying clothes more evenly.

✔️Use heat resistant flame retardant materials.

✔️ Can dry clothes, dry shoes, easy to handle.

✔️Foldable, easy to collect, lightweight body shape, easy to take for travel.

✅ How to Use

Step 1. The wind tubes will be in the outlet of each side
Step 2. Plug the bottom of the machine into a silicone plug
Step 3. The duct in the shoe separately.
Step 4. Tap the switch after connecting the power supply.

✅ Specifications 

Nominal frequency: 50HZ
Rated power: 150W
Nominal voltage: 220V
Colour: Marble White
More details to experience a careful design
❗ One-click Control, Switchgear / Hot and Cold wind
❗ Unique Waterproof air inlet design, Detail part of the design is very carefully, thoughtful
❗ Scalable Pipe Hanger, Dry shoe hanger can match shoes of any size (non-standard configuration)
❗Storage bag, Removable duct, shoe tube, all loaded in the storage bag for easy to carry

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