Exfoliating Callus Remover™ - MEGA SALE! 🎉😍

$11.99 $23.98

Make your feet more beautiful and comfortable!

 Can easily polish the hands and feet of the calluses and rough skin, so that hand, foot and skin smooth and natural feel comfortable.

This product is much more effective and lager than other files. The standing brush with a unisex and modern design. The stainless steel file ensures a perfectly smooth experience without rusting over time. Restore your chapped feet to their natural, smooth and silky nature.

The foot file comes in a stylish box design, used in professional foot care treatments and cleansing foot shower. The pedicure file offers a painless and effective solution to the concerns of rough, unattractive and irritated skin on the soles and heels of the feet. Unlike other foot files or pedicure files, Before using a foot file, you should soap your feet to soften hard skin. You should dry your feet and then use the file and slowly apply pressure moving the file away from the thicker skin. Slow movements are best, and each area should be covered twice.

Ergonomic rubber handle that you can hold the foot file firmly with ease. The large flat surface of the file allows the feet to be treated quickly. Instant rough callus remover, works well on dry or wet skin. The file is perfect for shaving off uncomfortable, chapped and dead skin that leaves you with beautiful pedicured feet.


  • Material: ABS+304 Stainless steel
  • Size: 9 x 1 x 3 inches
  • Color: White, Black, Pink, Blue