Incense Waterfall™


Incense Waterfall - Stress & Anxiety Relief, Promotes Deep Healing Sleep, Mental Calmness, 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade

The Most Beautiful Way to Relieve Stress & Anxiety

The 3 Simple Steps toMelt the Stress Away

In Just 3 Easy Steps, Melt away All your Stress:
1- Select One of the Ten Different scents that come With Every Order.
2- Light the End Of the Incense Cone.
3- Place the Cone On Top of the Incense Waterfall.


 Protect Yourself from Stress and Anxiety Thanks to the Healthiest Plants on Earth.

Unlike Ordinary Incense, Which Use Sawdust and other Fillers, Incense Waterfall Infuses 100% Pure Essential Oils into Every Cone.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a natural treatment that uses specific aromatic scents to improve psychological and physical well-being.

Why Millions Keep Raving About Incense Waterfall’s Natural Stress Relieving Effects

Because We Only Use Scents That Are Backed By Science and Proven to Relieve Stress
and Heal The Body.

How Incense Waterfall Has Helped 2 Million People Naturally Relieve Stress

Struggling to Sit Still and Relax When Meditating?

No Problem!

Frankincense is Known for its Ability to Quickly Ground the Mind, Body, and Soul,
Making Meditation Quick & Easy.

Turn Your Regular Yoga Class into a Blissful Experience

Bright Uplifting Scent of Orange, Aromatherapy Cones are the Perfect Addition for
Your Yoga Classes.

Sleep Using Incense Waterfall to Fall Asleep

Faster &Longer

Using Chamomile 1 Hour Before Bed Reduces the Time it Takes to Fall Asleep and Increases the Amount of Quality Sleep.

A Report By The Sleep Council Found That a Deep Night's Sleep Makes You:

 Incense Cones
Last 8 Times Longer

Incense Waterfall’s New Cones Last Up to 25 Minutes.