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Slimming shaping jumpsuit with straps

This shaping slimming jumpsuit with straps is elegant to make you sexy and sensual at all times while being very pleasant on the skin. It will remain invisible under your clothes , but will make you look stunning . Whatever your activities, it will be your ally. So, adopt it now by clicking on "Add to cart".

This model of shaping slimming jumpsuit with straps has a ventral zipper reinforced with invisible clips for a secure fit . 

The adjustable straps are particularly well thought out for a use in all serenity. 

In terms of materials, nylon is of high quality and ideally chosen to act by a strong compression in order to shape your silhouette and give you back harmonious shapes .

The buttocks are lifted for an attractive bounce , the stomach and abdominal belt are controlled to flatten them, the back and spine are kept in a good position .