Sanitary Organizer Pouch™️

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Are you looking for a pouch that can hold your sanitary napkin and can be carried anywhere? This cute Sanitary Organizer Pouch™️ is the solution to your problem!

These beautiful little pouches are made from leather, they are fully lined and close with a magnet to keep your items secure. Great for keeping your sanitary pads discreet when out and about. Fits all sizes of pads in night time ones. Each pouch will hold about 3 normal size pads and about 2 thicker pads.

The size are enough space that can hold your sanitary pads, nursing pads, breast pads, tissue, lipsticks, small cosmetics, keys, cards ,charging cables, air pods, small toys, baby pacifiers, gift bag, candies and other treats. So that you are not lost afraid to throw things away and could be storage endless other possibilities.


  • This is a cute cartoon cotton pad pouch.
  • Selected high quality steel board material.
  • Cute cartoon pattern design.
  • It has a large capacity and can accommodate not only sanitary napkins but also cosmetics and other small items.
  • Neat car line cut, sturdy without falling off.
  • Is an intimate choice for girls.


  • Gram weight: 30g
  • Material: leather
  • Size: 5*4 inches
  • Color specification: brown/yellow/pink