The Video Projecting 10' Frosty The Snowman/ Lawn Lamp


Tired of watching the classic 1969 Frosty the Snowman cartoon from the comfort of inside your warm home? Then put on your jacket, scarf, mittens, and an old magical top hat, if you have one, head out to the front lawn, sit down in the snow, and enjoy watching it on the belly of this cool new Inflatable Video Projecting Frosty The Snowman.

  • this is the 10' inflatable Frosty The Snowman that entertains passersby with a projector that plays clips from the classic 1969 cartoon on his belly. The beloved character’s bulbous torso functions as a screen as the included projector plays scenes from the movie and alternating messages on his candy cane sign from an included SD card. The giant snowman springs to life from a built-in electric air pump that inflates him in minutes, complete with his old silk hat and red scarf. His durable polyester exterior withstands snow, wind, and sun. Includes eight stakes and four tethers that keep him from “hurrying on his way”. Inflatable and projector plug into AC. Additional content can be played via the projector's USB port or SD card slot. 

The built-in electric air-pump inflates him up in just a few minutes and keeps him fully inflated for as long as you keep it on. He comes to life with a silky black hat, a red scarf, along with a candy cane sign that reads "Tis the Season To Be Freezin".

The inflatable snowman projector screen is made with a durable polyester exterior that can withstand the snow, wind, and sun, and even comes with 8 stakes and 4 tethers to make it sure it doesn't fall down or drift away with the wind.

The projector comes with an SD card with the Frosty the Snowman cartoon pre-loaded onto it, but you can always load up other media if you'd prefer to play something else on the Snowman's belly.

When fully inflated the giant frosty projection screen decoration measures 10.5 feet tall x 10 feet wide x 4 feet deep, and when fully deflated, he measures just 15 inches x 18 inches x 15 inches for easy storage throughout the rest of the year. It also weighs just 13.5 lbs for easy transport.

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