Waterproof Round Women Sandals™️ - Special Offer! 50% OFF😍

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Get rid of pain and keep yourself company at all times!

Joint pain is frustrating, isn't it? 

In most cases, the problem is deeply rooted in your body's roots:  your feet. Imbalances in the feet can cause problems in the knees, buttocks, and muscles.  

That's why we think you would like to align Waterproof Round Women Sandals™️ with your feet.

Just put on, like velcro and put your feet to increase support and decrease pain.

It is light, with a design specially designed for day-to-day life that will keep you walking more stable and standing for hours without any tension or imbalance.

The sandal repositioned the skeleton by repositioning the angled toe and removing muscle imbalance, moving the angled toes back to their original position. 

By fixing the whole body at the base of the feet, you will be preventing joint and muscle pain, having your life without pain in 100% of the physical condition.  


  • Provides support, softness, and comfort to your feet.
    They are light and their unique design, inspired by offering total comfort, will allow you to walk firmly and stand for hours without any effort or pain.
  • Sit better.
    It incorporates our special double-padded memory foam insole, supports the heel offering optimal stability, and reduces pressure on the toes.
  • Memory template.
    It adapts to any type of foot, distributes body weight throughout the sandal to stop flattening, and eliminates muscle imbalances.
  • Solve muscle imbalance.
    They are very light and use a unique platform and wedge design that will make you walk constantly and not want to stop for hours, avoiding any tension or pain in your feet.
  • Material.
    Synthetic leather


  • Upper Material: PU
  • Sole Material: Rubber
  • Scenes: Indoor&Outdoor,Fashion,Leisure
  • Style: Casual, Simple,
  • Toe Style: Square Toe
  • Heel High Style: Thin
  • Closing MethodHook&Loop
  • Shoes Heel High2.54inch
  • Platform Height: 1.18inch